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Faq about Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft   E-mail 
Written by Atheneris  
Tuesday, 07 September 2004
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Meaningless and trivia questions we are fed up with being asked but are (can) not with answering.

*Do you believe in Satan?

Satan is the production of monotheist religion’s absolute good-evil dualism. It’s a concept which has no place in Pagan and Wiccan belief system. So normally, we cannot accept a concept which even does not exist in our belief system.

In Wicca, the individual is responsible of his/her own actions, and evil-good are concepts unique to human, not to gods or goddesses. Moreover, no one can force the individual to act in a way out of his/her own will.

Some mysteries about darkness and death are wrongly discussed in that dualist point of view. Darkness symbolizes unconscious, -with the description of analytic psychology: shadow, collective and personal unconscious-, nothingness and emptiness, universe’s primordial origin. In Esoteric tradition, the individual has to face with that, know it and reconcile with it, and the advanced degrees of the doctrine contain practices that focus on that.

*Are Wicca and Witchcraft cults?

Cult means a community which is made of persons who blindly follow a leader. There isn’t this kind of a leadership institution in neither Paganism and nor Wicca, and as a philosophy pluralistic attendance is always stressed.

*Can witches fly?
When they get in an airplane or use a paraglider, etc., yes! Usually that belief’s origin is the fact that some herbal mixtures include high amounts of hallucinogens; and Middle Age’s exaggerated folktales play a big role in completing the picture of flying witches. 

At present such descriptions are used to denote symbolically the practices on the astral plane.

*What are white and black magick?

As repeated often, “Magick is the art and science of causing change according to will” (A.C.) Thus, the energy which is focused in the direction of will has no color. It can only be said to be good or evil according to the practitioner and his/her purpose. Apart from these we can consider all of the colors available in the spectrum, but there isn’t such a description.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 November 2004 )

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