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Faq about Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft   E-mail 
Written by Atheneris  
Tuesday, 07 September 2004
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What is “Coven”?
The name of the group that people come together and practice in Wicca and Witchcraft.  Today, there are independent groups who are not related to any absolute authority.

Coven is a community that the members are together with respect and faithfulness. Being a part of a coven is a serious thing as both psychic and karmic bonds are established, and the decisions are made in harmony with the member’s common opinion. When the number of the members increases members who are initiatically at a higher level can start a new coven. The new coven may continue the tradition of the ‘mother’ coven or it may follow a new path independent of the mother coven. In certain traditions, when the high priestess of the mother coven lays the ground for three or more new covens she is called as “witch queen”.

Finally an excerpt from an article I had written on this subject

The word “coven” has been transformed from the latin word “convenire” and is used to denote the meaning of “coming together”. However different traditions may use different words for groups; for instance the Scottish tradition and Asatru do not use the word coven etc.

Interestingly coven has been translated into Turkish as “kovan” (i.e. beehive) and honestly I did like it quite a lot. In the land where the Mother goddess cult, along with the cult of Artemis has survived for the longest period of time, the latest symbol for Artemis and Magna Mater had been the “bee queen”. The figure of the bee as illustrated in the symbol of the city of Izmir (Smyrna) can be observed frequently on pieces of sculpture depicting Artemis. The word “kovan” meets its meaning exactly.

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