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Faq about Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft   E-mail 
Written by Atheneris  
Tuesday, 07 September 2004
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“What is High priestess/priest?”
In Wicca and some witchcraft traditions, High priestess is the title given to the person who is initiated at third degree. This title can also be found in the priestess status of pagan religions. Initiation ritual is sometimes called as “the great rite”. She represents the highest authority in the Wiccan tradition which mostly has a matriarchal structure. She is the representation of the goddess in rituals and she is responsible for calling the energy of the goddess in some special rituals such as “Drawing of the Moon”. 

Counter to the cult establishments, she has a duty of counselor who is responsible for the education of the other initiates in the tradition. We can compare this to the managerial position in any organization that requires division of labor. In essence she has taken on the responsibility for organization in a group that is based on interpersonal cooperation and intra-group communication and when the esoteric aspect of this responsibility is considered this is a duty that requires long years of practice and can be fulfilled only by persons who are capable of meeting the demands of it in accordance with an ethical framework. She is the spokeswoman of the decisions that the coven’s elders make.

High priest is the title given to the male initiate who is in the same position. His duty is to help the High priestess and support her in the coven’s studies. He is in an equal position with the other male initiates in the coven. He’s the representation of the God form in rituals, and he’s usually responsible of providing order and peace in the coven.
In certain traditions, this titles are given to couples/persons who have been practicing together for years and who are initiated at the third degree.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 November 2004 )

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